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1. How to receive the notification from message or incoming call?

Allow all permissions when installing the app.

1. Connect your watch to your app, click "Message Push" to open it, then open "Allow notifications" and open some apps you need.

2. For example, if you want to receive Facebook notifications, open "Facebook" and select "Tick" to save it, then go to "Home" to pull down the screen to sync the data.

3. Make sure that some application notifications are allowed in the phone system.

      2. How to change the dial plate or wallpaper of smart watch?

      If you want to change the dial plate of the smart watch, the first thing is to connect the watch with your phone. Please make sure that the device is connected.

      Choose “edit” >- “select picture”, when the screen is updating, it will show “Upgrading UI Resources” on the watch, please wait 10 seconds. After this, please pull down the main page of the APP to sync data.

      3. The blood pressure data is not reliable, how to make it more accurate?

      It will influence the measure whether your wrist stay stable and whether you wear the watch tight enough when measuring.

      We suggest you wearing the watch tighter to help the measure more accurate. Also, please stay stable when measuring, Thank you for your cooperation.

      Please notice that the blood pressure monitor can only considered as a reference. It can't be used for professional measure. We suggest you to purchase professional blood pressure monitor for medical use.

      4. Why cannot connect my watch with phone?

      Open phone settings + find Bluetooth list + untie bracelet Bluetooth (remove bracelet Bluetooth) + phone to open flight mode + turn off flight mode + link bracelet in app

      The purpose of the above steps:

      1, let the phone bring Bluetooth and the bracelet untie (can be understood, the phone itself has two Bluetooth, the first Bluetooth is Bluetooth in the phone's own settings, the second Bluetooth is the Bluetooth transmitted by the app. And the bracelet Smartly choose a Bluetooth link, you want to link the app, you must first cancel the first Bluetooth

      2, the phone Bluetooth is turned on for a long time, Bluetooth may enter the sleep state, so you can not connect with the bracelet, enter the flight mode, and then turn off the flight mode, you can restart the Bluetooth.

      5. Inaccurate step counting?

      This smart watch measure your steps according to the movement of your body and other factors. So we suggest to move your hands normally and not wear watch loosely on your wrist. And we also suggest you can input your personal information in the app, such as weight, age and step length.

      6. How to charge the watch?

      This watch has the separate usb charger. Please check the user manual to learn how to charge the watch.

      Below is the PDF of the user manual to help you solve this issue.

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